How to Create Domains

Adding a Domain to your Sendmarc account

Creating the domain

For Sendmarc to obtain DMARC reports (*aggregate reports), a domain needs to be created in the Sendmarc platform. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Domains”.
  2. Select the '+'   icon to add a domain.
  3. Enter the domain name.
    1. Select the “Domain Type”.
      1. "Active" domains are domains that send email.
      2. "Parked" domains are domains that do not send email.

Note that setting a domain to Parked will automatically set the domain to p=reject

b.   Select the "Service Level Options".

i.   "Self-managed" domains are managed and implemented either by the partner or by the customer.

ii. "Proactive" domains are managed and implemented by Sendmarc's Customer Success team.

4. Hit "Save".

After creating the domain, the DMARC record will be available for you to add to the DNS. Note that Sendmarc DMARC record is a CNAME record - not a TXT that you will often see used. This allows us to manage the DMARC record as we implement DMARC on a domain.


An example Sendmarc CNAME record


 💡A CNAME, or Canonical Name record, is a type of DNS record that maps one domain name (alias) to another (canonical name), redirecting queries for the alias to the canonical name. This allows Sendmarc to control the settings of the DMARC record remotely from within the portal. 

Now that the CNAME is created, you'll need to add this CNAME to the DNS itself.

Options for adding the record to your DNS

Sendmarc provides setup instructions for each domain to facilitate the configuration of the DMARC records.

Next to “Your DNS Configuration”, you will see two options: “Configure DNS” and “Setup Instructions”.


This modal shows your DNS configuration options


Configure DNS

 Sendmarc employs a service called “Entri” which enables a user to connect securely to the domain’s DNS, allowing the user to configure the DNS changes automatically.

💡This option will only be visible if an API connection is available via Entri to the domain’s DNS.

Setup Instructions

If you prefer a manual approach, this option will generate a unique setup link with all the setup instructions.

This special link can also be emailed directly to a user for convenience.



💡 Ensure that you set the expiration date of the link accordingly.

Please remember to verify the DMARC record after it has been added to the DNS by clicking the “Verify” button.