Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security DKIM Signature

Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Messaging Security provides the most comprehensive protection against both traditional and targeted attacks. 

Using the correlated intelligence from Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ and optional sandbox execution analysis, it blocks spam, phishing, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Table of Contents
  1. Trend Micro DKIM Setup

1. Trend Micro DKIM Setup

  1. Go to "Administration" → "IMSVA Configuration" → "DKIM Signature".

  2. Click "Enable DKIM signature" and select one or multiple headers to sign.

    Please Note: The From header is selected by default. To add more message headers for selection, click Customize.

  3. Click "Add".

    The "Add DKIM Signature" screen appears.

  4. Specify the general settings.

    Domain: Specify the domain where email messages are sent, for example, *
    - SDID: Specify the signing domain identifier, for example,
    Selector: Specify the selector to subdivide key namespace or retain the default value.
    - Private key: Upload a private key or request IMSVA to create a private key. If you want to generate a private key, select the key length before generation.

  5. (Optional) Specify the advanced settings.

    - Header canonicalization:
    Select Simple or Relaxed.
    - Body canonicalization: Select Simple or Relaxed.
    Enable signature expiration: If you select this option, set the number of days that the signature will be valid.
    - Enable body length: If you select this option, set the number of bytes allowed for the email body.
    - AUID: Specify the Agent or User Identifier on behalf of which SDID is taking responsibility.
    - Exempt domain: Specify one or multiple domains to be excluded from DKIM signing.

  6. Click "Save".