In Sendmarc, a sub-account is a secondary account created within a primary account. Sub-accounts allow different teams, departments, or individuals to access and use Sendmarc under the main / partner account, while keeping their data and settings separate from others.

Sub-accounts are used in the following way:

Client management: Sub-accounts can be created for each client or customer, allowing them to access their own data and settings within the software. A primary / partner account will also be able to log into client accounts (sub-accounts) on behalf of the client.

Overall, sub-accounts provide a flexible and scalable way to manage user access and data within Sendmarc, making it easier for Partners to manage their individual clients with ease.

Table of Contents
  1. Creating a Sub-Account

1. Creating a Sub-Account

To create a sub-account, please login to your Partner Portal.

1. Click on "Account Management" and then "Accounts".

2. Proceed by clicking on the green + button at the top-right of your screen.

Please insert all the required fields and ensure you select the correct Package and Privilege Level 

NB: Privilege Levels

  • Standard Account: users in the account can only see their own account
  • Partner Administrator Account: users with the correct privileges can see their partner/account and all accounts in the partner

Click on "SAVE".

You will now see the new account that you have just created. 

Please proceed by clicking on the "View Users" icon.

Click on the green+ button to add a new user for the account you have just created.

Insert all the required fields and click on the "SAVE" button.

After you have created the new user you will be able to login as that user to add their domain(s) to their account.