Spice Works SPF & DKIM Setup

How to configure Spice Works Helpdesk with SPF and DKIM



Set up a custom outbound email address

You can configure the Cloud Help Desk’s custom email address from Settings → Email → Custom Outbound Email Address (optional). To ensure delivery of emails from your custom email address you may have to configure your mail service’s SPF records.

Can I use DKIM?

Currently the Cloud Help Desk does not support sending DKIM signed emails. If you intend to use DMARC, it will need to be configured to pass on the SPF record only.

Configure your mail service SPF record

You’ll need to configure your email provider’s SPF records to prevent your Cloud Help Desk notifications from being marked as spam. 

When updating your SPF records, you’ll need to add the below to your SPF record as SpiceWorks uses SendGrid to relay emails.