Salesforce SPF and DKIM Set Up

Salesforce provides customer relationship management service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.


1. Salesforce SPF Setup

Please note that the following SPF changes should only be applied to the Sendmarc record within Sendmarc and not the hosting provider. 

Include String v=spf1 ~all


2. Salesforce DKIM Setup

2.1 Enable Signing and Publish Record

To enable DKIM signing on Salesforce requires access to a user account with the 'Customize application' and 'Manage DKIM Keys' authority.

  1. From Setup, enter DKIM Keys in the Quick Find box, and then select "DKIM Keys".

  2. Click "Create New Key".
  3. Select the RSA key size. Consider email recipient limitations and industry-specific security regulations when choosing the key size.
  4. For "Selector", enter a unique name.
  5. For Alternate Selector, enter a unique name. The alternate selector allows Salesforce to auto-rotate your keys.
  6. Enter your domain name.
  7. Select the type of domain match you want to use.

  8. Click "Save". Your CNAME and alternate CNAME records appear on the DKIM Key Details page when the DNS publication is complete. 
  9. Publish the CNAME and alternate CNAME records to your domain’s DNS.

  10. Select "Activate" on the DKIM Key Details page.