Mimecast SPF & DKIM setup

Mimecast is an international company specializing in cloud-based email management.

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To enable Mimecast to send authenticated mail from your domain your SPF and DKIM settings must be enabled.

1. Mimecast SPF Setup

Mimecast has multiple SPF record includes for the many different regions where they have data centres housing your Mimecast instance.

Please add the relevant includes for the region of your Mimecast instance.

Europe eu._netblocks.mimecast.com
United States us._netblocks.mimecast.com
South Africa za._netblocks.mimecast.com
Germany de._netblocks.mimecast.com
Australia au._netblocks.mimecast.com

Global Includes

This is not recommended as it will add the SPF includes for every Mimecast Region which adds a total of 5 lookups to your SPF record.

Global _netblocks.mimecast.com

2. Mimecast DKIM Setup

Steps to get DKIM set up in Mimecast.

Once logged in, click the “Administration” dropdown, select “Gateway” and click “Policies”.

Now click the "Definitions" dropdown and select "DNS Authentication - Outbound".

Click “New DNS Authentication – Outbound Signing” to create a new DKIM policy.

Fill in a description and select “Sign outbound mail with DKIM”. A domain needs to be selected and so click “Lookup” next to “Domain”.

Select your domain by clicking “Select” in front of your chosen domain.

Select either “1024 bits” or “2048 bits” as your DKIM Key Length. We recommend choosing “2048 bits” for more secure encryption.

Do not change the “Selector”. Click “Generate”.

our new DKIM key has been generated successfully.

Once generated, you can add your DKIM key under domains in Sendmarc.

Under “Policies” select “DNS Authentication – Outbound”.

Add a new Policy for Outbound Signing and use the following values:

Policy Narrative: DKIM Outbound
Select Option: DKIM
Addresses Based On: Both
Applies From:  Email Domain
Specifically [YOURDOMAIN.CO.ZA]
Applies To Everyone
Enable / Disable Enable
Set priority as perpetual: Always On

Go back into Mimecast and click “Check DNS” to verify that your DNS has been added to your hosting environment successfully.

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