How do I connect users to Breach Detection using Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

This article explains how to add users to the Breach Detection service

This article assumes that you have already activated your Breach Detection account. If you have not yet activated this account, please contact Sales.

To be able to import users from a Microsoft 365 Account:

  • The logged in Microsoft user will need to be a Microsoft Domain Administrator on the account.

  • The logged in Microsoft account will need to have at least one matching domain on the Sendmarc account.

To Import users into the Breach Detection service, first login to Sendmarc, then select "Breach Detection" from the tiles on the left.

Next, select "Import Users".

Then, click "Login with Microsoft".

You'll be redirected to the Microsoft Login Screen, where you will be asked to Sign in to your MS Administrator Account.

Once logged in you'll need to give permission to Sendmarc as an organisation to read user profiles from the Microsoft account - this allows us to easily import users for the domains you want to monitor.

Once your Microsoft account has been linked you'll be able to select the users you would like to monitor. Select the users and click "Import Selected" Button.