Google Workspace SPF and DKIM Setup

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1. Google Workspace SPF Setup

To authorize Google Workspace hosts to send emails on behalf of your domain, you need to:

1. Log in to your domain's DNS dashboard;

2. Go to the page where you can update the DNS settings on that domain;

3. Check if a TXT record starting with v=spf1 already exists; if so, the domain already has an SPF record and you need to update it; otherwise, you need to create an SPF record;

For adding Google Workspace to existing SPF record

2. Google Workspace DKIM Setup

Follow the steps below to set up DKIM authentication in Google Workspace:

1. Navigate to Google Admin Console, and log in:

2. Click on Apps to go to App Settings:

3. Go to Google Workspace Core Services:

4. Click on Gmail:

5. Click on Authenticate email:

  • Click on the GENERATE NEW RECORD button to generate a new DKIM record;
  • Publish the DKIM record in the DNS; DNS propagation might take up to 1 hour before the record becomes accessible;
  • Once the record is accessible, click on the START AUTHENTICATION button;
  • Click SAVE to complete the authentication process.

Once you have completed the DNS Record setup please let us know in order to have the record confirmed and finalized.

* Please ensure that you change <> to the correct domain before publishing changes.